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There are around 11,700 new Head and Neck Cancer cases in the UK every year.

Head & Neck Cancer UK (HANCUK) is a relatively new UK charity, set up by Head & Neck Cancer Specialists and Survivors. Our main aims are:

  • to act as an advocate for Head & Neck Cancer patients and their families
  • to assist patients to make informed decisions about their care and treatment
  • to raise awareness of all aspects of Head & Neck Cancer, particularly its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
  • to provide information and advice
  • to act as a voice for patients and their families to improve outcomes and survivorship
  • to raise awareness of the inequalities in treatment provision across the country.
There are any number of charities throughout the country offering practical support in many ways to patients and families. As part of this website, we are keen to build up links to these charities.

UK Support Organisations

There are some fantastic local support organisations that focus specifically on patients and survivors of Head & Neck Cancer in the UK. You can find your nearest support organisation as well as links to UK National Charities on our Related Links page.

Support Organisation Links